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349- 350 Squadron Remembrance Flight

Thursday 6 June 2019 , a unique formation of F-16s @BelgiumDefence will fly over the country as a tribute to all #Dday #heroes.

Between 3.49 pm and 3.50 pm, a formation of 2 #F16 and 1 #Spitfire with 'Invasion Stripes' will fly over the #Brussels city center. #DDay75 #DDayLanding

6june d day2019

The @beairforce Public Affairs office is offering an original Air Force gift to the best picture of the formation while flying over. To participate, post your pictures using #BAFHONOURS and send an e-mail to:

Some pictures of the rehearsal below, Aircraft 349 SQN , 350 SQN

Photos of the 6th June Remembrance Flight will follow soon.


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