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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Maintenance Group
The Maintenance Group is tasked with the support of the 10th Wing operations. To be able to carry out this assignment on a daily basis, 700 emloyees are involved. They are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft, the vehicles, the IT and communication resources and all the armament and support equipment. Maintenance is responsible for all necessary inspections, repairs and modifications, as well as servicing and reconfigurations.

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In addition to that, they are also responsible for supplying everything the wing needs to operate, and for coordinating or executing all movements of personnel and equipment to and from the base. These jobs are usually done in relatively large maintenance hangars with associated workshops and offices. The Maintenance Group is divided into four units (Line & Armament, Maintenance Aircraft and engines, Electronics and Telecommunications, Vehicles & Transport) and the Logistics Support Unit.
On a social level, the Maintenance Group mainly cherishes its sponsorship of the guidance centre St. Elisabeth located in Wijchmaal (Peer).

Flight Line & Armament

For our customers, in particular the pilots, the most visible employees are those directly linked to the commissioning of the aircraft. The crewchiefs, armament technicians, lox specialists and bowser drivers take care of these activities on a daily basis.

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Flight MT&LogSp

Versatile and reliable in operational support!

The squadron motorised transport and logistics support (Flight MT&LogSp) is part of the Maintenance Group (MGp) but provides support services for the benefit of the entire Wing. The men and women of Flight MT&LogSp usually operate out of the limelight, but their contribution is no less essential for the operability of the unit. We help generate airpower!

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E&T Squadron

The Electronics and Telecommunication Squadron (E&T) is assigned with specific tasks, technical and logistics management and equipment maintenance in many domains

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Maintenance Squadron

The maintenance squadron consists of four flights: Flight Inspection, Flight Intervention, Flight Engines, Flight Support. Each flight has his own storage and specific task and contributes directly or non-directly to realize the F-16 flight plan.

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